Yardgroove is Benjamin?s crazy idea of sharing his passion. 

After 20 years of collecting, researching and digging, in 2017 he decided to set up a shop aimed at music-lovers with an interest in reggae culture.

Today, we are proud to offer :

  • Authentic reggae vinyl, carefully selected and in perfect condition,
  • storage and sorting accessories to enhance your collection,
  • maintenance products and accessories to preserve your vinyl for a long time. For a very long time.


ben ze yardgroove 1 A propos de Yardgroove

Creator of Yardgroove

Has always managed Yardgroove

A shop for reggae fans 

We have nothing against other musical genres, but? we like what we like! 

And who better to understand you than an enthusiast? 

At Yardgroove, we guarantee the quality of all our vinyl and accessories. 

Each of our references is checked and tested before it goes on sale. We then carefully sort and list each vinyl, ensuring that amateurs and seasoned collectors alike can find something to suit their tastes! 

Yardgroove is also about doing more for our reggae vinyl collectors! 

Since 2017, the products offered on Yardgroove have evolved. We now offer a wide range of accessories: 

  • Cleaning products
  • Pockets of all sizes
  • Ultrasonic cleaning solution
  • Custom dividers
  • Custom 45 rpm centring machines

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