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Microfibre 550gr/m2 (x1)

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Discover our super-soft microfibre, specially designed to safely dust and dry your vinyl records. Made from high-quality materials, this microfibre is soft to the touch and won't scratch the surface of your precious records.
Thanks to its high absorption capacity (550gr/m2), our microfibre can easily remove dust, while leaving the surface clean and residue-free. What's more, it dries quickly, reducing the drying time after cleaning.
Whether you're a passionate audiophile or just a music lover, our super-soft microfibre is an essential accessory for caring for your vinyl records. Order now and enjoy effective, gentle cleaning of your favourite records!
Pack of 3 top-quality microfibres (40X40cm) for just 12?
Best value for money on the market.
Order now!

Dimensions: 40 x 40 cm


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